Monday, April 9, 2012

Fifth Day - The Cuba Diary

Day Five: American ride, dolphins and the celeb feel again

The same guy who had arranged accommodation for us in Santiago had hooked us up with a personal taxi driver for the day. After breakfast we found our ride, a black American old car with a driver, waiting for us outside.

Off we went, for an adventure out of Santiago.

One hour drive took us to our first destination:

The aquarium of Baconao.
First we got to see a dolphin and sea lion show. The sun was shining from the clear sky and we were sure to get burnt!

The fun was just starting as after the show we got to experience what was in Sanni's words: "The only thing I want from our Cuba trip!" THIS:

After the audience had left we got the opportunity to swim with the dolphins by paying a little extra. The dolphins kissed us, danced with us, sang for us and gave us a flying ride.
Sanni and I felt just like a little boy who asked his daddy: "Dad, can we do this every day, pleaaase?"

The journey continued to Siboney beach which was full of locals and locals only. We were an attraction being the only white ones. People gathered around us, secretly took pictures and stared. A few had the guts to come and speak and ask to take a picture with us.
Some massage men tried to sell their services to us. Unfortunately the information came too late as we had agreed upon a lunch date and didn't have the time for a massage before.
The only thing I regret not doing on this trip is getting a massage - at this beach.
Seriously, 6CUC for 45min? Heaaaveeeen.

Had lunch at a friend of our driver's. Gosh I miss this food. Who says Cuban food is bad? If you eat at a hotel, well then yes. But go eat with Cuban families and you're bound to fall in love with the crunchy food banana and self caught fish in oil. Yum-my!

It was time to head back to the city. Santiago.

After freshening up we headed off to the city again to seek for more musical experiences. Santiago is known as the most cultural city of Cuba with its broad live music scene, large range of street musicians and multicultural environment. Reggae, rock, salsa, pop, heavy metal, jazz, rumba, trova, guaguancó name it. Lovers for everything can be found!

Popped by the Casa de la Trova, a local music house where both locals and tourists come to mix up, sip a few Cuba libres, listen to traditional Cuban sounds, get wiggly and shake the bumbum. Just like in Casa de la Tradiciones, you will never be left alone. Dance once, dance all night long.

We even bumped into my boyfriend from the previous evening. Should have guessed he'd be around. <3

On the way home to eat we met some of our lovelies again. Neighbor kids. Had a photoshoot sesh, taught them how cameras are used and everybody got the chance to pose. It was so amazing to see how the kids found such great joy out of our moments together. They always greeted us with hugs and kisses, and never forgot to smile. It was as if the only facial expressions the people had were joy.
We learnt from them as they learnt from us. I can't help but to smile as I write, as I think about our experiences.

After eating we headed back off to the city with the guidance of two rastafaris. The guys weren't really building up trust by being socially awkward and replying to questions in very weird ways. We felt uncomfortable and slowly ditched the guys as we discretely separated to go our own way.

The day had been long. Our mood wasn't energetic enough to wiggle up to any more salsa or sip the first and last mojito of the night so we simply headed back home, to our Santiago home.


pictures by me, sanni, yuri, ander and mercedes.


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