Friday, September 28, 2012


Bestestestest Ellu came to pick me up from the airport last Thursday when I went to Finland.
After staying in Helsinki for the night and a bit of Friday, I headed off to Turku to my friend's wedding.

We had a nice Friday morning wake-up at 6am when Elli -dog decided to sleep between us in bed.
She let us sleep until 9am after which her rolling around in bed woke us up for good..

No high fives...

We went to the center to some extremely terrible outlet sale, met Essu for lunch and headed off to organic food shop 'Ruohonjuuri' for raw cake (YU-HUM!) and to stock up on 'cheap' superfoods.
Compared to the prices in Norway - Ruohonjuuri is rather affordable.

And enjoying the sunny weather before leaving to Turku!

...and got to Turku! Wedding time!